The Best Way To Buy a New Build Home in Colorado Springs

We’ll Negotiate to get you $10s of Thousands in Discounts

Its Important to bring your Realtor with you when you visit New Build sites. You need to ensure you are represented and have someone negotiating and advocating for you!

New Build Home Colorado Springs

Below are links to many of the New Builders in Colorado Springs. You’ll be able to see the most recent available inventory and floorplans they have on their websites. Most of their available inventory is not on the Realtor MLS systems, and you’ll want to coordinate with your Realtor to schedule visits to the new build home sites to make it efficient with your time.

Buying New Build Homes in Colorado Springs can have its challenges compared to buying existing homes. We are experienced Realtors that have experience with helping buyers purchase new construction homes. The reason is that builders use their own contract which are not the commonly approved Colorado Real Estate Commission contracts that all the Realtors use. You may ask yourself that I wish there were new build homes near me and not even notice the small pockets of space where they are building. A lot of new build homes don’t show up on the search portals because they are new construction homes that don’t get listed because the foundation and frame isn’t even in place. It’s good to have a Realtor represent you when you go see New Builds in Colorado Springs because it doesn’t cost you anything directly, you won’t save money by not having a Realtor, and you’ll get representation by a Realtor advocating for you.

So if you ask yourself are there new homes near me, the answer is probably yes, so reach out to a Realtor experienced with new construction homes because they likely know where they are hidden. New Build Homes come in many styles and various builders have reputations and building standards that a good Realtor can pick up on and provide you insight on where to go to find a good new construction home. Many builders these days use 2×6 construction that provides for sturdier construction and allows for more insulation to be put in the walls. The walls with 2×6 construction have R19 insulation as opposed to R13 insulation that was seen 10 years ago. The ceilings in new construction homes typically have R38 insulation which is 3 times more than what was in new build homes 10 years ago. Some home builders will provide a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) score with each home, but most new home builders will do a Home Energy Rating on one model home to get a gauge of how well their model home is built. Because all the homes of that model are built the same then it can be expected that for the most part your home will have a Home Energy Rating close to that.

Navigating the Purchase of a New Builds in Colorado Springs is challenging in regards to negotiating and finding the special incentives that can really bring the costs down. Also have a good experience Realtor® that knows how much things costs is tremendously valuable. For example, does that wet bar really cost $7000 or should I forgo the wet bar and just finish that after I move in to the home. Some of those questions you can answer and it comes down to time and money but having a Realtor® that can rattle off how much materials and labor costs after market is valuable in helping you make a good decision on purchasing a New Build Home.

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