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When you’re ready to sell a house or buy a house in Broadmoor, Wish Property Group has you covered. Broadmoor is located close to Colorado Springs. Wish Realtors have great knowledge about Broadmoor and its history, and scenic locations. Broadmoor is located at the base of Cheyenne Mountain. Broadmoor was founded by General William Palmer, who was also the founder of Denver and Colorado Springs.


Wish Property Group is a local real estate company in Colorado Springs that specializes in helping clients find their perfect home. We have the city’s most prestigious neighborhoods, we have you covered!

At Wish Property Group we know that buying a home in Broadmoor can be an overwhelming process. There are many factors to consider, such as location and size of lot desired for development – all while trying not to get stuck paying more than what you should’ve been offered on your initial offer! Our team has years worth of experience working with clients just like yourself who need help finding their dream property before they’re gone forever.

When you are ready to buy a home, our professional Colorado Springs Real Estate Agents in Broadmoor and the surrounding areas can help. With homes for sale at great prices or by one of many courses that make up this beautiful community. We want all potential homeowners to understand their options before making an offer on any property!

We’re here when it comes time to find out which neighborhood best suits your needs; so don’t hesitate to call today about seeing how we might meet your needs too!


We have a team of professionals dedicated to making the home selling process easy and stress free for you. We work with buyers, looking for the perfect property for them to move into. We want to help make sure your house looks its absolute finest because we believe in quality.

We strive not only to provide quality services but also peace of mind knowing that everything from start through the finish, has been taken care of so there’s nothing else needed by either party involved.

Consider Wish Property Group to sell your home in Broadmoor. We want to help provide services for homes that are being sold or even bought, and we know how important it is when you’re going through such an emotional time like this! We’ll make the process easy- peasy lemon squeezy. You won’t have any worries because our team will take care of everything – showings on schedule; open houses run perfectly. Friendly service to guide your next steps.

If you are looking to buy or sell a house in Broadmoor, Wish Property Group is here for you.

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